Digital Edition


A digital version of the Franklin Papers, created and maintained by the Packard Humanities Institute (PHI) and previously available to scholars and researchers on a CD-ROM, is now available to the public with an Introduction by Edmund S. Morgan.  This digital edition includes texts of the published papers and unverified, rough transcriptions of the as-yet-unpublished material.  The rough transcriptions will be replaced with verified texts as future volumes of the Franklin Papers are published.  The texts are fully searchable and they are indexed by volume, name of correspondent, and date.  The digital edition does not include our editorial headnotes and footnotes.  It does, however, contain biographical sketches of all Franklin’s correspondents, written exclusively for this database, and it provides translations of some of the French documents.

The digital Benjamin Franklin project was conceived and designed by David W. Packard, whose vision, expertise and generosity are wholly responsible for making Franklin’s writings freely available on the internet.  It is the product of a collaboration initiated in 1988 between the Packard Humanities Institute and The Papers of Benjamin Franklin under the editorship of Barbara Oberg.  Many Franklin Papers editors and assistants at Yale have contributed to the project over the past fifteen years.  We are pleased to acknowledge them here: Barbara Oberg, Ellen Cohn, Marilyn Morris, Karen Duval (who oversaw the translation project), Jonathan Dull, Kate Ohno, Leslie Lindenauer, Judith Adkins, Darcy Fryer, and Michael Sletcher.  Transcribers, editorial assistants, and research assistants  include: Sandra M. Allaire, Alicia K. Anderson, Patricia Armstrong, Catherine Boumkwo-Baneni, Alysia M. Cain, Blair G. Darney, Libby Garland, Nadine R. Honigberg, Owen Hughes, Karen Kauffman, Natalie S. LeSueur, Bryan Loder, Aidan McGlaize, Carter Wills McKenzie, Jennifer Macellaro, Elizabeth Morris, Francesca Penisi, Lisbeth Shepherd, and Joanne Walroth.  Translators include Chimene Bateman, Liselotte M. Davis, Christophe LeSueur, Larry Lopez, Lauren Pinzka, Jeremy Sabol, and Alyson Waters.  We thank the dedicated staff at PHI who worked on the project: Stephen V. F. Waite, Wilkins Poe, Patricia Doherty, Brigitte Comparini, and David W. Packard.